character picspam↳ raphael

character picspam
↳ raphael

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Julia asked: Soulless Sam or Cain Dean


9x18, Meta Fiction


Sometimes when I’m really really happy I can draw very quick and make a bunch of little drawings in a couple hours. All of them were for some of my followers.

For maethril

For maethril

What is a blood eagle?

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As Quickreaver said there was a lack of Sam on her dash…♥

Drawn on white paper then inverted in Photoshop (pencil an charcoal) + PS enhancements (shadows, highlights and manuscript texture). Basically, it’s this technique. I’m experimenting. ^^;;


Things Disney Characters Do That’d Be Creepy If You Did Them - Video



Platonic looks shared between brother.

Yeah, because we’re just reading patterns in the clouds here. Wincest doesn’t actually come screaming off the screen or anything, from the pilot episode through the most recent one. I mean, we’re just re-interpreting them standing next to each other and finding special meaning in the paint color on the walls.

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"Look you find Heaven, you drop a dime. Meantime, I got a knight to kill."

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